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"We're taking those lessons of high touch, personalized service [from brick and mortar retail] and applying them to the mobile business." See The Spot on CNBC's Closing Bell

"Overall, Edwards says live chat technology is a good fit in the mobile realm. “It’s immediate, like mobile,” he says. “You can address customers’ concerns in the moment.”"
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'the “premier support service for mobile,”''

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Learn from mobile leaders like Zappos, HauteLook, Wine.com and more

"During the 2012 Holiday season, Vince shared a couple dozen $25 Zappos gift cards with the MobSki team. The team then gave these out to engaged Zappos customer via Twitter."
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"What we’re seeing increasingly is that a meaningful portion of members may see our TV commercial, download our iPhone app, and experience HauteLook entirely on mobile apps, never accessing the website."
Mark Geller, Head of Product for Mobile, HauteLook
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"I don’t open my laptop until I have to every day. When I start my day, I start it on my phone and my iPad, and I try to do the things I need to do, as much as I can on those devices."

Ryan Singer, Product Manager, 37Signals
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"A high proportion of Wine.com’s email marketing campaigns are opened from a mobile device. They’ve taken advantage of this by including elements in the Call-To-Actions that identify the user upon landing. "
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"We’re maniacal about customer support. To better understand customer challenges and concerns, I read hundreds of customer support emails each day and respond to a handful (our awesome customer care team responds to every one)."

Ron Feldman, Director of Product Management, Mobile and Tablet, Quidsi, Inc
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Case Studies
Learn how to cut your support costs and grow your business.

How Joist reduced support calls by 70% using Desk.com and Hipmob

"By using in-app live chat, the Joist team is able to quickly identify bugs and downtime, and address customer’s concerns before they result in a negative review."
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Yaxi, the Uber for Mexico, shows best practices for mobile app support

"Our customers love to have us close every minute of the day. Its the perfect way to help with doubts."
Ale Cors, Customer Satisfaction Lead on the Yaxi team.
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Trends on Forbes
A look at the mobile environment and trends that will affect your business - from our column on Forbes.com

The Best Brands Take Lessons From Brick-And-Mortar, And Apply Them To Mobile

"The best app experiences draw as much from quality brick-and-mortar stores, as they do from e-commerce. As we all adopt mobile and tablets devices, brands can apply lessons learned in brick and mortar retail, to their mobile strategy. At Hipmob, we see this every day.""
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Push Notifications For Abandoned Carts: A Guide For Retailers Going Mobile

"Between 66% and 97% of shopping carts are abandoned on mobile. As consumers buy more from mobile and tablets, retailers will need ways to recover sales from the high percentage of carts abandoned in their mobile apps."
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Your Brand Is A Moat, But It's Not Deep Enough

"HauteLook and Jackthreads [both have] over 40% of sales coming from mobile. Both expect mobile to account for more than 50% of sales by the end of 2013; the speed of their disruption should be a warning sign to retailers."
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The Shortage Of Developer Talent Is Crushing Mobile

"..while the developer shortage might prevent businesses in general from moving faster, a lack of mobile developers prevents businesses from doing the basics (for example launch an app, when your competitors already have)."
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Customer Support Datasheet

Customers who could once reliably be found browsing your website while at work, or with a laptop in bed, are now trying to process a return or exchange on your website, from their mobile phone, while at the airport, on the bus home, in the park (or wherever they like really). They’re struggling with a site that’s not mobile optimized, on a small screen with tiny little keys. Do you know where your customers are when they’re accessing your website or mobile app? Are you ready for them?
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Analytics & Metrics Datasheet

At Hipmob, we track a variety of metrics internally, most of which we can expose to customers as needed. There are a few ways we expose this data to customers, and we’re always iterating on how to help customers use this data to drive business results. This document discusses what we track and how to access it. Metrics that are not currently accessible via email digests or our analytics integrations are also laid out - just let us know your needs and we’ll ensure they are met. Our goal is to provide operations, sales and support teams all the data they need to make good decisions that drive business results.
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Internal IT & Enterprise Datasheet

As the pull of BYOD gets stronger, more businesses are deploying mobile and tablet devices to their employees, and more employees are bringing their own devices from home. The challenges are daunting - a proliferating set of devices, varying permissions and screen sizes, and a myriad of apps and security constraints to contend with. Whether delivery personnel in the field, sales people traveling, or executives who need rapid access to internal data for decision-making, IT teams are already stretched thin.
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