Fact #1: Live Chat helps you make more money.

E-commerce and S-aas websites have used live chat to increase sales for years.
Several times, several marketers, developers, researchers and other live chat vendors, have done research and run A/B tests about the effectiveness of live chat on sales. The results have varied widely, but have all been positive. I've summarized some of the research below:

1. Monetate Live Chat Widget Increases Average order value by 3%, and results in projected annual revenue of $130,000 (Monetate)
2. ABT Electronics finds that customers who engage live chat convert at 10% - 20% higher rates than customers who dont. (
3. This Quora thread discusses a bunch of examples of Live Chat at work (Quora)
4. Live Chat can increase conversion by 10x (CoreMetrics)
5. says Live Chat increased their sales by 17% (Practical Commerce)

These are all examples of live chat on the web. We at Hipmob have released the first comprehensive Live Chat solution for mobile; 15 minute integration, iOS and Android compatible, with plugins for your CRM, Helpdesk, Communication and Collaboration tools.

You literally cannot find this anywhere else.

Here's our experience; Hipmob makes the most sense, if you have customers with a high Customer-Lifetime-Value. For those customers, every opportunity to talk to a customer, is an opportunity to make them happy, help them upgrade, or sell them more stuff. This is most true for mobile-commerce or mobile Software-as-a-service apps, but it's also true for any situation where keeping your customers happy matters.

Bottomline, if you make money in mobile apps, you cannot afford not to talk to your customers.


Fact #2: Live chat makes your users happy and more satisfied.

This we know from experience.

Over the past years, we've launched several apps as a team - consumer apps like Flicsy, Wanderplayer, and Flypad, business-to-business software like Juncanoo, and developer tools like Hipmob. Users love when REAL HUMANS are behind the apps they use. I'll let our customers speak for themselves:

"You guys are unbelievable! I couldn't be more excited about this." - Florida, Sep 2012 via web
"I am glad people like you listen. although never had the pleasure of talking to any developers before" - UK, Sep 2012, via Hipmob
"what other apps have you designed... I would love to buy or download your other apps if you have any" - Canada, June 2012, via web
"Thank you, this is a great support." - Mexico, Sep 2012, via web
"I think its a great idea and a great product" California, Aug 2012, via web

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Conclusion: Supercharge your Mobile Sales

Live chat helps you make more money from your customers, and makes your customers happier.

Hipmob is the only way to provide live chat to your mobile customers.
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