A bonus for HipChat users - Live Chat integration for customer support.

One of the earliest feature requests we got as a young startup, was from a potential customer who asked

"Can you do an integration with HipChat?"

In looking through the wildly popular HipChat APIs, we found our options limited. As Garret (HipChat co-founder) mentions on Quora , HipChat doesn't "support federation which is necessary for communicating with other networks".

So we did the next best thing; Femi quickly put together a HipChat integration that notifies your HipChat room whenever users step into your support area. That way your whole team would know when a lot of users need help, and everyone can pitch in.

Today we're taking it one step further. Several of you have continued asking for a standalone integration, so you no longer have to log into any other IM clients while at work. So we made one. Here's how it works:

1. Set up HipChat.
You only need an API key, and to select a HipChat room. (Instructions here)

2. Get Notified.
When a user needs help, you'll receive a notification (like below). Click on the URL.

3. Go to Chat.
You'll be taken to an in-browser chat window (shown below). It will have generic visitor info, context, and a chat window. You can customize this chat window to include account info from your customers, management admin, or other internal systems. From there, you can talk to the user as much as you want.

4. Watch Your Colleagues
As a bonus,
team members can watch the conversation in progress simply by clicking on the same link after someone has taken over the conversation. There, they will see the conversation in real time.

Have any ideas about how we could make this better? Drop us a line at