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Hipmob - Joomla Integration


Hipmob is a hosted live chat service for your Joomla site. You can chat with your visitors (or users or customers) in real time, and solve any problems they have. Hipmob is perfect for getting user feedback, increasing sales, providing awesome user support, and reducing abandoned carts. This guide covers getting Hipmob into your Joomla site. If you have any questions, just hit the chat window in the bottom right, or email us at
You can get the plugin from right now.

Why Hosted Live Chat?

Installing our HTML5 chat widget lets you integrate Hipmob into your existing Joomla site or blog: you can now reach out to your customers, watch them in real time as they visit different pages in your site and send them messages. We support Joomla 2.5 and higher.
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Adding Hipmob Hosted Live Chat

Log into your Joomla site's admin interface, then select the Extension Manager from the Extensions menu.

Figure 1: open the Extension Manager

Install the plugin by either uploading the plugin package file (you can download it from or specify the URL in the Install URL text field.

Figure 2: install from a URL

Once the plugin installs, you'll get a confirmation. Select the Plug-in Manager from the Extensions menu.

Figure 3: installation complete

In the Plug-in Manager, enter Hipmob into the search box and click Search. Once the Hipmob plugin shows up, click the name to configure the plug-in.
IMPORTANT In Joomla 3, the plugin is automatically disabled once it is installed: you will need to enable it by clicking the button with the red X symbol.

Figure 4: editing the Hipmob plugin

Now you're in the Hipmob configuration page. Under the Basic Options settings, you can choose a theme with different colors, and select where on the page your chat window tab should show up. You will need a Hipmob application ID: get one from your Hipmob management console at

Figure 5: Hipmob plugin settings

Once you have the application ID, copy it into the Hipmob Application ID field in the plugin settings form. You can also configure a number of other settings to match your site theme and to position the tab. Once you're done click the Save & Close button at the top of the page. We also provide live help (using Hipmob of course) from this screen (the Help me with my Hipmob integration tab shown on the bottom of the page): this live chat tab will connect you with us. We're happy to help!

Figure 6: saved Hipmob plugin settings

And that's it! You can log into your Hipmob account to customize your live chat window: add greeting and away messages, canned responses and more! You will need to install an XMPP client to talk with your store visitors, but once you have that set up you will be ready to go.


You'll now see the Hipmob live chat tab on your Joomla pages.

Figure 7: the Hipmob live chat tab